Important Announcement: Change of Location for April 28-29: Cooper Union

We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with Cooper Union to hold the conference in the historic Great Hall of Cooper Union. Click here for the location address, and here for directions…..

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“The Woodstock of Peak Oil…..” *
“The Mother of all Peak Oil Conferences…..”*
The Energy Dilemma….

The American economy and the lifestyle it supports are predicated on a cheap, abundant source of energy. Until the early 1970s, the U.S. produced enough oil to meet domestic needs and was a major exporter as well. After production of U.S. oil peaked, we became increasingly dependent on imported oil and gas to meet our growing demand for energy.

But times are changing, and we face many challenges. In addition to the security risk posed by our dependence on imported fuels, our economy is heavily burdened with debt, the dollar is falling, and our military is overextended. Underlying it all is the slowly emerging debate over the future of oil. More and more geologists are warning that the current supply crunch is due not to politics, but to the unavoidable fact that oil production will soon reach its maximum, and begin an irreversible decline.

The peaking of world oil production will surely prove to be one of the most fundamental challenges of our times. That is why here in New York City , the cultural and economic capitol of the world, we must ask the tough questions about a fossil-fueled future.
…Local Solutions.

As we face this crisis, the early environmentalists’ motto of “think globally, act locally” takes on new and profound relevance, as it becomes increasingly clear that the best response to a global energy crisis will be local solutions. At the Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma conference, we will thoroughly explore these solutions. Regional experts in economic localization, sustainable food systems, alternative transportation, and responsible financial management will share their insights into the evolution of a low-energy, sustainable society. Numerous networking opportunities will be available with established local organizations that have already embarked on this vital transition.

One purpose of this conference is to educate the public on peak oil; but our second and perhaps more important goal is to empower participants with the knowledge, connections, and inspiration to make real, profound changes in their lives, applicable from the moment they walk out the door. We firmly believe that the solution to this dilemma will be found in each individual mind that is opened, in every thoughtful choice that is made, and in all inspired action that is taken.

Read Preparing New York City for the Coming Energy Crisis by Dan Miner, coordinator PeakOilNYC.

* as quoted by conference speaker John Howe on “The Financial Sense Newshour”, hosted by Jim Puplava (from March 25, 2006 broadcast)