I can now happily say cheers to my new bug-free home!

I was under the impression that a clean home is free of bugs and allergens. Now that we have moved into our brand new 1200 square-feet home, which is otherwise squeaky clean, we know better. However grossed-out bugs may make us feel, it is something either we have to learn to live with or find ways to live without. Having selected the second option, this is how I went about it.

Since I’ve gone bug-free I won’t go back

Since I wanted a bug-free home, the question that came to my mind is can I achieve this without having an adverse effect on our health? This is because conventional pesticides are usually loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins. That set me into finding out a good vacuum cleaner. With Shark cordless vacuum cleaners offering an impressive lineup and that too at an attractive price, it took little time in deciding on a particular lightweight, cordless model. My new vacuum cleaner has made pulling out dirts, dander, dust mites and other allergens hiding inside the rugs an easy job. Shark cordless vacuum cleaners are also a good choice if you suffer from sensitive back like me. Just plug in and switch on and you are ready for vacuuming without having to bend or crawl.

After deciding on the vacuum cleaner, my next stop was to find a good portable air purifier. I found that while air purifiers with HEPA filters can trap in finer airborne particles (dust or pollens), such filters may not be so effective in killing viruses or germs. I found UV air purifiers a better choice. They include a UV lamp, which produces germicidal irradiation every second. Such portable air purifier claims to kill germs, air pollutants and allergens directly and more effectively than those with HEPA filters. Based on the research, I brought home a Calutech ultraviolet air purifier.

If you have an existing air purifier, you can upgrade its filters with quality allergen reduction filters. Such allergen reduction filters would help you enjoy clean and crisp air without spending big bucks, which you would if you replace your existing air purifier with a new one.

With my mission accomplished, I am a much relieved person these days. There is nothing like a healthy and happy family.