As the summer turns the heat up, you should help your dog stay cool by looking out for the little fella. Remember that dogs are much more susceptible to heat than humans. Take care and help your dog stay cool.

  • Everybody thinks that pets don’t get sunburns. But the fact is that they do. They can suffer from sunburns easily and long term sun exposure can lead to skin damage. Do not let that happen to your dog. Limit the amount of time your pets stay in direct sunlight. If you notice any discoloration or sores, take him to the vet immediately.
  • Heat stress can affect your dogs very quickly. It happens when the body temperature of your dog rises beyond the body’s ability to cool itself. This can happen to breeds that have thick coats such as Huskies or American Eskimos. They are bred for life in cold climates and when they live in the city where the summers are hot, they have heat stress.
  • If your dog has a thick coat, give him a summer hair cut to cool him down. Do not shave him however. If you shave him, you will make him predisposed to sunburns.
  • If your pet enjoys water, try to keep a small pool of water outside. Make sure the water level isn’t above his head. If you can’t install a pool, a spray from a hose will help. Don’t blast him with water. Keep the pressure gentle and easy.
  • Never leave your dog in the car unattended. Temperatures in the car can rise up drastically in minutes and if your dog is locked in it, he will experience heat stress.
  • Also, make sure that your dog is hydrated regularly. An automatic dog waterer can help if you won’t be around to check his water bowl. If you are taking him out for a walk, make sure that you take his water supply with you. A handi drink instant dog drinker is very useful to provide water for your dog.