Why hello, who is this furry fellow? I’d like you all to  meet Goma, a handsome Seal Point Himalayan cat. Goma is three years old last March. He was purchased from a Himalayan breeder named Cozycreek Cattery. He was the runt of his litter, but grew to be quite big, as seen above. He is named after Goma-chan, a Japanese cartoon character that bore a likeness to the kitty. “Goma” means Sesame in Japanese. Sachie frequently carries Goma around when she bikes in a red cat carrier backpack.

This cat literally changed the life of his owner, Sachie when she adopted him in March 2007.  She started a blog for Goma when he was three months old called My Himalayan Cat Goma Blog and after three years he has become quite the sensation. The unique thing about this blog is the amazing amount of photos of Goma with entertaining captions such as the one below:

When he was six months old, Sachie posted a video of him on YouTube playing with cotton candy.  That video now has almost 144,000 views – impressive! Check it out below!

After this success, Goma went on to be featured on Burton snowboards and children’s wear. His owner Sachie, a talented graphic designer, even designed a Flip Mino Camera after him, pictured below. Goma’s most notable appearance was on Animal Planet’s “Cats 101.” He has also been featured on Seven Days “Stuck in Vermont” video series, as well as many Internet contests.  He is quite the star!

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