It is very important to exercise your dog, especially if you have larger breeds such as Labradors or German Shepherds. They are active animals with large muscles and they demand a lot of exercise. They have large reserves of energy and they require a lot of exercise. It is very important to keep your dog in shape.

Here are a few ideas to keep your dog active and exercised.

  • Go hiking with your dog. It is a great form of exercise because it lasts for a while and it will provide a lot of obstacles for your dog to overcome. They need to be walked regularly on concrete to prepare their muscles and paws for this kind of exercise. Once he is ready, take him out for a hike in the wilderness. Make sure you pack water and food for him!
  • Take your dog running! It is the best exercise for your dog. Although, fast paced running is not recommended, it is better to run at a slower pace and let him build his stamina. Do not take puppies out for running! They have delicate joints and they could hurt themselves.
  • Take your dog biking! Biking is one way you won’t get too tired when you exercise your dog. You can ride your bike and your dog can jog along.
  • Play fetch! Dogs love to fetch thrown objects and once you train your dog, you can play fetch with your dog and he will get all the exercise he needs!

Dog exercise pens are also great for smaller dogs. They are areas where your dog can play in a safe and secure environment. You can give him a dog tennis ball to play with when he is in the exercise pen.

Do you have a small dog?

If you have a small dog, you can carry your dog with you wherever you go! Small dogs don’t weigh much and their smaller size means that you can carry your dog with you without making him walk everywhere. That way he doesn’t get tired and he gets to come along with you wherever you go!

One way you can do this is by picking up a dog crate. A dog crate is like a compact crate with plenty of ventilation. They have handles to carry the crate and they are light weight and easy to carry. The Petmate dog crate is one of the most popular crates with small dog owners. The Petmate crate comes in two options. The plastic frame one is great for travel and is very easy to carry around. The metal wire frame crate is better suited for home use and not for travel because it is considerably heavier. The Petmate crates have quick release latches and they are all very safe for your dog. There are no sharp edges or anything that could become a safety hazard for your pet.

If you don’t like to carry a crate with you, you might want to consider a dog carrier backpack. The dog carrier backpack has an open section on top of the backpack for your dog to sit in and put his head out. The backpack is made of toughened materials so you won’t have to worry about your dog chewing his way through the bag. These backpacks are easy to carry and they leave your hands free unlike the crates.