Dear Mum,

Happy Birthday!! I can’t believe another year has gone already.

This year I wanted to do something a little bit different and I decided that I wanted to write you a letter, telling you exactly why you matter to me in such a huge way.

Aside from nanny and granddad it’s always just been us hasn’t it? Me and you against the world and gosh we’ve had some adventures.

We’ve been to Disneyland and got lost on the bus network. We’ve been to Krakow and been baffled by the horn blower. We’ve been to New York and seen the Statue Of Liberty from pretty much every possible angle.

We’ve done all of these things together and you’re my best friend, you mean the world to me.

This seems impossible considering where we were several years ago from today, when you were fighting one of the cruellest diseases on the planet. For a moment back there we thought we were going to lose you.

Yet despite everything you’ve been through, you’re still one of the kindest and funniest people that I know and I have so much admiration for how you’ve chosen to carry on. You’re not angry at the hand life dealt you, you’re happy because you’re you.

I know that sometimes I’m not as kind as I should be. I don’t tell you I love you anywhere near enough. Sometimes I take you for granted.

But I never once forget everything we’ve done together or how much I love you.

Happy birthday mam, I hope it’s another year of adventures.

Kaiesha (using my real name, just for you) xx