The way I see it there are two types of people in the world, those that have self-restraint and those that don’t, and I am certainly on the latter end of that spectrum. I am a “binge now, think later” kind of girl and that is the flawed thought pattern that tends to govern most of my life’s decisions.

It’s not good but recently it has proven to be an asset because I have been binging on something super healthy, super enriching and super worthwhile. No it’s not vegetables, I have been bingeing on books!!

To be fair if you are someone that regularly reads my blog, you will already know this because recently I have been reviewing the books like crazy.

So I’ve decided that I am going to start the 50 book challenge, yes I am late to the Party. So I’ve decided that from May 2015-May 2016, I want to have read at least 50 books and I want these to be spread across a number of genres and types. I really want to push my comfort zone and to try reading things that I might not necessarily pick up, so I am looking for suggestions!

Each month I will review my progress on here and include a list of the books that I have read to date, plus I will also be reviewing theses as we go along! To keep me up to date I am using the gorgeous Busy B book journal to help me keep track of my book journey, any excuse for stationary ey?

So far I have read…

1. Always the Bridesmaid, Lindsey Kelk.

2. Divergent, Victoria Roth.

3. Insurgent, Victoria Roth.

4. Allegiant, Victoria Roth.

5. All my friends are superheros,Andrew Kaufman. Full review to follow.

6. Paper Towns, John Green. Full review to follow.

7. Voices of Memory 2 – Medical Crimes – the experiments of Aushcwitz.

8. Hot Feminist, Polly Vernon. Currently reading. Full review to follow.

So 8 down and only 42 more to go….

Will you join me?